St John's Church, Carlton-in-Lindrick

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Wedding information

There may be several questions:

  • Can I get married in church?
  • Wedding fees
  • What’s in the Order of Service?
  • Parish Boundaries
  • Remarriage after divorce


easier now     change in law - more choice    your wedding



Who can be baptised in Carlton?

When / where would the service be?

What is Baptism?

What happens in the service?

Who / how many godparents?

What do parents and godparents do?


How much does it cost?  -  

What happens next?

Contact Jeanette Hercun (Licensed Reader),
by email or phone to arrange a date for the baptism
and a date to discuss  and know more about the occasion


Please contact your Funeral Director

 who will liase with the church

or, if you are making your own arrangements,

contact The Churchwardens


Churchwardens:  Mrs Pat Shepherd    484568 
                           Richard Smith         731732

Reader:               Jeanette Hercun      732428


for email or other people
also visit               <contacts>