St John's Church, Carlton-in-Lindrick

Your Kingdom Come



We are a church that cares for people – its members, those within our community and also those on the other side of the world who we don’t know.
We are a church that values all people, whoever they are and whatever their history. All can find a welcome here.


We are a church that believes in transformation – of individuals, of our community and of the world at large. We want to join in with God in doing his transforming work.
We are a church that is open to the leading of the Holy Spirit and so we will not be afraid to try new and different things. We’ll take risks and if they don’t work then we will learn from them.



We are a church that puts others before ourselves and so we sacrifice our needs and wants for those of other people.
We are a church that worships a generous God and so want to be generous too – with our time and our money to be a blessing to others.


We are a church that wants to grow. We are not satisfied with remaining as we are but want to change, grow and see God’s kingdom spreading throughout our community.
We are a church that grows disciples who are committed to God and growing in Him. We will study together, pray together and break bread together.



We are a church that puts Jesus at the centre of our life – and so we are committed to prayer and studying God’s word as we discern where God is leading us.
We are a church that is not afraid to admit when we get things wrong. We will apologise, seek forgiveness and try again.


We are church that loves – first and foremost God, but also each other, our community and the world. We will do all that we can to build up and encourage, rather than tear down and destroy.
We are a church that is committed to sharing the good news of Jesus with others, through deed and also in word.



This is the kind of church that God is calling us to be and so we will do all that we can to work towards making that vision a reality!


Fulfilling our Vision

As part of our Vision we have restructured the PCC. We now have three teams who will be setting new objectives to enable us to work towards fulfilling our Vision. But we would like these teams to be more than just PCC members.  An opportunity for you to play a part in setting the objectives for the church and working towards them as a member of a team.

  Please have a look at the teams with their different areas of responsibilities and see which one you feel drawn to. Please either talk to Mark or to the leader(s) of that team who will be happy to give you more information.

Children and Young People led by Nicola Seeley

Young Explorers              ABC           Safeguarding           Baptism prep                        Schools work                  Messy Church

Property & Maintenance 
led by  Pat Shepherd

Church building          Parish Centre  

Churchyard                Faculties

Utilities, insurance etc

Discipleship    led by  Jeanette Hercun

Home groups                      Pilgrim/Alpha/Start   

Congregational pastoral care

Bereavement team           Prayer meetings /events