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Roof Appeal
Roof now restored, complete and protected

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A Letter from the Rector 23.3.20    



The wonderful thing about prayer is that, we can pray at all times and in all places, we don’t need to be in church to do it. For those who prefer to follow a more structured format for prayer, the Church of England website, (see p7 and rear cover), can give you guidance on this. There are many websites and phone apps that can be used for prayer. I would recommend the C of E Daily Prayer App, which has a free and a pay option. We can join, if not physically, at least spiritually at 9am every morning to pray using the Common Worship app or the web site, or the Common Worship Daily Prayer book if you have one.


We also need to keep in contact with each other to insure we can give support as and when needed. It would be useful if we take note of a few people within our community and keep in contact with them. If they need to self-isolate, then we will know when it started and when it is due to end and give support if required. This would be particularly useful for those who are vulnerable and alone. If everyone takes care of one or two people each, then hopefully we will be able to give timely support, so that no one will have to suffer alone.

Remember we should be careful, sensible, prudent and also have a sense of perspective.

Our Lord taught us to love our neighbour as ourselves. Let us show that as Christians we can do that with willingness and a joyful heart.


A few inspirational and comforting scripture references:

Palms 23, 91, 103, 121;  Isaiah 6:8;  Jeremiah 29:11;  Matthew 11:28-30, John 3:16;          John 14:1-6;  Romans 8: 38-39;  Romans 10: 9-11.


If you have any queries on any of the above, please contact me via -Mobile No:    07725965120 or          e-mail -


The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you
 and give you peace.
                                                                                       Rev Mark



News 2

Young People’s Activities in our Church Community.  

Suspended until further notice


We are reorganising this group now that so many of the children who attended are at school.

If you have Tinies, Toddlers or Children in the early years of school, why not join us

on Friday each half-term from 3.30-5.00 p.m in the Parish Centre.  see <cal>

We will have refreshments fun activities and a bible story time. Old friends and new are welcome.



For our Older Young People:

A group to meet the interests and needs of children and teenagers will meet at Christchurch, Worksop on Friday 23rd of Nov from 6 to 8pm


All from year 6 to year 13 are invited to attend where the themes will be focused on the content of the Deanery programme ‘GENERATE’.

( )


Generate is an event for young people (in school years 6/7 – 13) to gather, pray, and worship together.

Generate starts with a café style gathering – drinks, games and quizzes. Following that we move into a time of youth relevant worship with contemporary music, teaching, prayer, interactive response and reflection.

Through Generate, working together with the local churches we aim to provide opportunities for as many young people as possible from across the diocese to gather, relax and make friends, have a laugh, worship and pray together.


As well as working together with the local Anglican churches, at some of the gatherings we have also enjoyed the support of Methodist, United Reform & Assemblies of God Churches. Generate will also be providing the youth ministry at Transform Weekends