Letter from a Churchwarden

In early May I attended the Archdeacons’ Visitation at Southwell, where the Archdeacon of Newark spoke of ‘Belonging’ and the connection between belonging and the Church. People say they ‘belong to the Church of England’, but may only rarely attend a service. There are of course different levels of ‘belonging’.

There are the people who commit themselves to regular attendance at services, are on the Electoral Roll and feel part of that church.

Then there are people who do the above, but also like to sit on committees, attend study groups, and take on responsibilities within the church. Some may call this group the backbone of the church.

Then there are the event-belongers, who are much more comfortable with one-off occasions – Christmas services, church fairs, and social evenings. They may feel wary of being drawn into regular commitment.

There is also the iconic building that can give a village its identity and historically through weddings, baptisms, death can give families a sense of belonging. Locations and buildings can heighten our awareness of God and enhance our feeling of belonging. 

Whatever level or preference of belonging you have none are right or wrong – it is whatever works for you and reflects the different ways of engaging with God and achieving that feeling of belonging to the Christian faith.

We offer an open invitation to come and experience, to taste and see.   All are welcome.

I hope that the presence of St John’s, St Luke’s and St Mark’s enables all our villagers to feel that they do ‘belong’, and in turn feel closer to God.


Pat     (Churchwarden)




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