Letter from a Churchwarden

Earlier this evening I received some photographs on my mobile phone sent by my son who is in Portugal with his family. They are on holiday for two weeks having driven from their home in London last weekend.

They regularly visit his wife’s family in France or Portugal but this is the first time they have taken their car. Daniel remembered us all going on holiday and crossing over from Dover to Calais most years. He wanted to do the same with his family. I think they covered about 1200 miles in two days staying overnight in France not too far from the Spanish border.

Isn’t it interesting when your children want to do things with their own family that you used to do with them?  I can think of several instances when this has happened, such as the way they want to celebrate Christmas and what traditional foods they want to eat. At the time they did not seem particularly impressed but as the years have passed, we have noticed that they have opted to keep many of our old traditional ways and seemed quite nostalgic about them. On other occasions of course, they deliberately do things differently; they do not want to be seen following in our old fashioned footsteps.

This in some ways reminds me of our relationship with God. It is easy to want to do everything as it has always been done or to continue to do familiar things in familiar ways. Many of us don’t like change or the unfamiliar; but change is always with us.

God is constant but he has put us in a changing society. He is always there to guide us but there are times when we need to listen to Him and move in the direction shown to us by the Holy Spirit. Today is very different from the past, even a generation ago people would not recognise our society with the ever changing technology, etc.

When we pray it is very easy to think that God is telling us what we want to hear. Sometimes he tells us to do things which we find very hard. At other times he might want us to continue with what we like doing. We need to listen to each other: I can think of many occasions when God has spoken to me through someone else. Subsequently, I have not always acted as I should, but when I have, things have usually worked out well.

May the love of God, the salvation of Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit be with us all, all whom we love, and all His people everywhere, now and always.


Richard  (Churchwarden)


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