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St Lukes


Joint Service at Carlton Methodist     Sunday, 14th January at 11am

To mark the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, our congregation is invited to join our Methodist brothers and sisters for their Covenant Service at their church at 11am.

For those who are unable to attend the Covenant Service in the Methodist Church there will be a short Holy Communion service held in St John’s Church at 10:15am, after which our Rector will attend the Methodist Church service. Please join us at 11am to share our love of God and for each other

Our Details

Worship at St John’s (Carlton)

St Mark’s (Oldcotes) & St Luke’s(Langold)

Nr. Worksop

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St Mark’s,


David Smith


Treasurer & Covenants

Maureen Smith


St Luke’s,


Carol Bower


More Information

We are a church that cares for people – its members, those within our community and also those on the other side of the world who we don’t know.
We are a church that values all people, whoever they are and whatever their history. All can find a welcome here.

We are a church that believes in transformation – of individuals, of our community and of the world at large. We want to join in with God in doing his transforming work.
We are a church that is open to the leading of the Holy Spirit and so we will not be afraid to try new and different things. We’ll take risks and if they don’t work then we will learn from them.

We are a church that puts others before ourselves and so we sacrifice our needs and wants for those of other people.
We are a church that worships a generous God and so want to be generous too – with our time and our money to be a blessing to others.

We are a church that wants to grow. We are not satisfied with remaining as we are but want to change, grow and see God’s kingdom spreading throughout our community.
We are a church that grows disciples who are committed to God and growing in Him. We will study together, pray together and break bread together.

We are a church that puts Jesus at the centre of our life – and so we are committed to prayer and studying God’s word as we discern where God is leading us.
We are a church that is not afraid to admit when we get things wrong. We will apologise, seek forgiveness and try again.

We are church that loves – first and foremost God, but also each other, our community and the world. We will do all that we can to build up and encourage, rather than tear down and destroy.
We are a church that is committed to sharing the good news of Jesus with others, through deed and also in word.

9am Morning Prayer Mon – Thur (»40mins)    Revd Mark will be leading an informal but structured time, of reading the Word, meditation and prayer each morning (exceptionally he may have other commitments).

No obligation to pray aloud but an opportunity to participate in the set responses. Prayer requests or thanksgiving can be made known.

Typical content (In modern language): Venite, Psalm, Old and New Testament, Benedictus, Prayers.  Please see Mark for more details.

There may be several questions:

  • Can I get married in church?
  • Wedding fees
  • What’s in the Order of Service?
  • Parish Boundaries
  • Remarriage after divorce


easier now     change in law - more choice    your wedding


Worship Times

Worshsip at St John''s  

all at St John''s unless otherwise stated

 and  St Mark''s  Oldcotes         St Luke''s  Langold

Pattern may vary - see CALENDAR for details                                        5th Sunday – only service is at 10.30
BCP = Book of Common Prayer, HC = Holy Communion

Time 1st Sunday 2nd Sunday 3rd Sunday 4th Sunday 5th Sunday
8.15am BCP BCP BCP BCP  

church@ 1030
Informal Worship

church@ 1030

church@ 1030
All Age & Parade

church@ 1030

church@ 1030
Informal / HC


10am HC
St Mark''s Oldcotes




(as arranged}



4pm Praise Service/
Holy Communion see <Cal>

St Luke’s Langold




St Mark''s

Oldcotes HC




Church Contacts

Code 01909

St John’s,


Revd Mark Orr    

 07725 965120


Jeanette Hercun



Carol Bower






Pat Shepherd (Mrs)



Richard Smith



Andrew Fullelove


Secretary /Administrator




Pam Mallender


Parish Centre Booking

Geoff Lewis


MU Branch Leader / Secretary


News to the Pews



Parish News, webmaster

Eric James 


Young Explorers (3-11yr)

Emma Fullelove


St Mark’s,


David Smith


Treasurer & Covenants

Maureen Smith


St Luke’s,


Carol Bower


St Mark’s Sunday Services          

1st Sunday of month at 10am

3rd Sunday of month at 6pm

St Luke’s Sunday Services          

1st Sunday of month at 4pm    

ABC (toddlers) on Friday afternoons 


Christianity is about relationship and community

The best way to find out about faith and prayer, to raise questions or get help, is to meet some Christians.
St John’s is just one of the Christian churches in this area; we seek to work alongside other Christian churches and denominations.

Learn more about God (as he is in Jesus) by reading the Bible 
eg the Gospel of Mark in the New Testament?

We want to be a church that most importantly listens to God. As a result the Leadership Team have been meeting every 4-6 weeks since the Away Day to formulate a vision of where we believe God wants to take the church.

Father… love, caring for each person as God''s loved child.

Son… he revealed himself as the historical person of Jesus Christ, whose life, death and resurrection holds the key to knowing God, and to making sense of life, before and after death.

…and Holy Spirit… alive, loving and active today. Sustaining life, giving spiritual gifts to the church and bearing his spiritual fruit in the world - changed lives and a transformed society.

Jesus Is the Life

The Bible tells us that Jesus came to take us who were dead in our sins and bring us back to life (Eph. 2:5). He accomplishes this for those who believe in Him through His own death and resurrection. By dying and rising again to life, Jesus pays for the sins of the faithful and removes the consequence of sin, which is death. This is the life-giving message that Christians possess and must declare to a dying world. The great news we must announce is that whoever believes in Jesus will not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16).

We believe that, through Christ, God can be known as our heavenly Father, and that through the Holy Spirit we may trust, love and worship him.
We believe that through the Bible, God teaches us what to believe about him, how to live for him.
We believe that the world''s greatest need is to hear and respond to this good news.

 Regular Events - check magazine/ calendar for variations





 Mondays  - Thurs

9 - 9.40am

St John’s

Morning Prayer


alt wks, see cal


Parish Centre

Bible Study Group



St Luke’s

Craft Group  £2

1st Tue of month


St Mark’s

Reflection; Coffee, Cake  & Chat

Fridays term time

1.15pm Parish Centre ABC [adults babies children]   see link

Special Services for 2018

at St John’s, Carlton  unless otherwise stated


Sun 14 Jan


Joint Service with Carlton Methodist







Dates for 2018  (more to be fixed later)

Sun 4 Feb

Ploughman''s Lunch

Mon 7 May

Church Fayre / Car Boot

Sun 1 July

Church Barbecue Lunch

Mon 27 Aug

Church Fayre / Car Boot

Sun 21 Oct

Harvest Bring and Share Lunch.

Sat 10 Nov

WW1 Remembrance Supper / Entertainment